The true cost of education

SchoolNomics™ is like a "return on investment calculator" for educational spending. Traditional reports only show who controlled the money. A SchoolNomics analysis shows who benefited.

SchoolNomics has three core services:

  • In$ite®: A patented system for analyzing school finances.
  • Key Performance Indicators: A cost analysis of student performance data.
  • Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA): Granular cost reporting.

Three states have been using In$ite for more than 15 years: Nevada, South Carolina and Rhode Island. Rhode Island added the UCOA in 2010.

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Make school spending easy to analyze

The first step in spending education dollars wisely is to have a true understanding of how those dollars are being spent.

SchoolNomics provides an easy-to-understand way to look at the effectiveness and efficiency of school succcess, based on a patented financial model.

Schoolnomics chartsYou receive services and data for an analysis that shows cost/benefit relationships at each school and program level.

Spending is reported both on a per-pupil basis and as percentages of your total expenditures.

Education leaders and legislators who use SchoolNomics say they are making better investment decisions because they know:

  • what worked
  • over what time period
  • for what cost

When Rhode Island published its first UCOA data, a blogger at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute praised the state's accountability, saying "District budget directors and community members alike now have a powerful tool for finding inefficiencies and pushing for spending that is better-aligned with their most important priorities for K-12 education."