Three states have relied on SchoolNomics for years


Nevada, which uses SchoolNomics as its education financial analysis sytem, publishes a yearly Education Data Book including key reports based on In$ite, one of the three major components of SchoolNotes. The document pulls together data on school finance, comparing profiles for Nevada schools as well as surrounding states, for the use of state and local policymakers.

South Carolina

In South Carolina, the State Department of Education uses In$ite to provide legislators and the public with information about school and district expenditures. They can compare spending patterns, as well as see information about individual school sites.

Rhode Island

Starting in 2011, Rhode Island officials released a groundbreaking series of reports that give the public an accurate comparison of how their schools are spending more than $2 billion a year in funding. The reports won public praise for their transparency.

The ongoing reports, which are based on Rhode Island's Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA), create a consistent comparison of school financial data. Every district's spending is benchmarked on a per-pupil basis. 

It's easy to find out what Rhode Island spends on the education of each student in the state.

A sampling of statewide averages:

$7,695   per pupil for face-to-face teaching

$559   per pupil for transportation

$275   per pupil for teacher professional development

It's just as easy to compare cost categories for an individual school to the state averages. The reports allow education leaders and legislators to look at the data from many points of view.

Rhode Island's Education Commissioner, Deborah A. Gist, explained that the Uniform Chart of Accounts (UCOA) "will help districts ensure that they are using their investments to improve instruction and advance learning," she said. "We will use UCOA to identify effective practices. We soon will be able to examine our data to see where investments in education have led to improved student achievement."

For more information on Rhode Island’s UCOA, along with accompanying guides, user codes and frequently asked questions, please visit the Rhode Island Department of Education UCOA page.The Uniform Chart of Accounts is one of three services provided through the SchoolNomics methodology. Rhode Island first began using In$ite more than 15 years ago.

EDmin's Rick Wells presented information about the UCOA at the 2013 Association of School Business Officials conference in Boston.

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