INFORM Learning Systems

Engage students with the right resources at the right time

Our time-saving solution integrates the use of expertly curated, aligned digital resources with your goals for instruction, making it easy to keep everyone in your school or district focused on improving student outcomes.

Students engage in the lifelong journey of learning because they understand the connection between what they are learning today and the skills they will need for college and careers.

Imagine a classroom where each student

  • accesses the right content from a collection of curated, standards-aligned digital resources
  • instantly sees the results of ongoing assessment of progress

Create an environment where every teacher

  • assigns digital resources and formative assessments directly to students
  • easily groups students to address learning needs.

Teachers are empowered to make next generation learning personal for each student. They can quickly see what is working and collaborate with others.

INFORM integrates with your LMS and SIS via single sign-on. From district level to the classroom, student progress is visible at a glance.

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INFORM Assessment

INFORM saves time by connecting the assessment of what a student has mastered and the resources needed to address learning gaps.

Create assessments manually or automatically using an online test builder. Deliver benchmark and formative assessments online or on paper to a class, group or individual student. Technology-enhanced items help prepare your students for next-generation assessments.

You can use your own items or aligned items from the Formative Assessment Item Bank (FAIB) from Certica Solutions, Inc. (previously offered by Northwest Evaluation Association™ -- NWEA™). Embedded best practices provide guidance as you create items and build tests.

Results are automatically uploaded to role-based reports. You can access results immediately and view pre-built reports that reveal level of mastery.

The reports are integrated with a recommendation engine that suggests aligned digital content to meet individual student needs. The seamless integration of assessment, reports and resources makes it easy for educators to personalize learning.


Easily view the progress of each student.

View progress by school or subgroup
at a glance.

Gain insight from data analytics

Reporting is the key to visualizing gaps in learning and where resources are needed to personalize learning.

INFORM provides the formative assessments to identify gaps, combining the results with any academic and non-academic data to create an easily understood view of student progress.

At the school or district level, view college and career readiness by school or by subgroup in a dashboard of student success indicators. It's easy to customize these pre-built success indicators, which are based on commonly used taxonomies.

In the classroom, apply your own evaluation rubrics to group students to address learning needs.

Other display formats show longitudinal data and more.

For districts looking to proactively meet rapidly changing federal and state mandates, INFORM eases the burden of complex reporting requirements by providing an open platform for aggregating data. The INFORM® Learning System is eligible for Race to the Top funding.





INFORM Journeys

INFORM Journeys is a new addition to the INFORM Learning System, coming this year. Interactive learning maps will engage students in exploring life's possibilities and creating their own learning paths. Journeys will work like Google Maps™, but for navigating the path to learning destinations. Learn more

Make it easy to use engaging resources

Improve outcomes by personalizing learning with the right digital resources. Once assessment reveals learning gaps, INFORM makes it easy to assign resources.

Teachers can assign the precise resource a student needs by accessing recommendations from our collection of more than 500,000 expertly curated, standards-aligned resources, covering all K-12 subjects.

Each resource has been reviewed and tagged for filtering by subject matter experts on the leading correlations team for K-12 textbooks and films.

Teachers can assign digital textbook and third-party subscription content, as well as district and teacher-created content uploaded for sharing within your district.

In addition to automatic recommendations for content, teachers can power search five ways, including the unique “Concepts” search: via any resource results, view a Map of related concepts that lead to more resources. Or search for a term, such as the five senses, to see resources on related concepts.

Concept Map

Get recommendations, easily filter by metadata or explore with the concept map.