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  1. Log in as a System Administrator.
    Log in as system admin
  2. Navigate to Setup/User Manager/Edit Department.
    Navigate to Setup
  3. To add a department, click Add.
    1. Enter a department name, and then click Save.
  4.  To edit a department, click E, and then enter the department name.
    1. To make a department inactive, uncheck the Active box, or A.
      Edit a department
  5. To delete a department, click D, and then OK.
  6. Navigate to INFORM/Curriculum Management/Configure Curriculum Template.
  7. For department filtering, define Curriculum Templates to assign to classes.
    1. Select Department from drop-down menu.
    2. Provide a Curriculum Template name and description; this will not display.
    3. Select a standard; this will not display, it activates the curriculum template.
    4. Click Save.

Department filtering