INFORM Assessment—Enrollment Reroster

An accurate reroster file is the key to the Assessment application running at its full potential. The data and the format you send it in drives all data retrieval within the Assessment application, so attention to detail will pay off in the long run. Prior to sending your data file to be loaded, please review the file layout to ensure that the format has been followed.

General Considerations

  • Send a complete reroster file.
    • A complete reroster file includes enrollment records for all students and will override anything currently in the system, but will not delete previously enrolled students.
    • An Add-Only reroster file includes enrollment information for a very small number of students (1–5) which adds to the current enrollment.
    • An Add-Only reroster file should be the exception.
  • The data is in one district file, not a separate file for each school. The file is in CSV (Comma Delimited) format, not Excel (XLS).
  • All columns are present regardless of whether or not data is required, as per the data-file layout attached.
  • All column headers are present in each column.
  • All field lengths meet the maximum number of characters per field per the data-file layout attached.
  • ALL commas, quotes, apostrophes, and dashes are removed from the data fields (example: for “John, Smith” the comma between John and Smith should be removed). Fields are populated mainly with alpha-numeric characters.
  • The birth_date (Column Q) format is correct. Note that we require 4 characters for the year and you do not have to include a 0 for single-digit days and months: M/D/YYYY.
  • All the required data is present:

Enrollment Rostering Table

Student Information – ID_Number (Column A)

  • Student IDs are present, permanent (not recycled), and unique across the district.
    • If a student moves out of the district, do not reuse their ID for another student.

Ethnicity (Column S)

  • Only AYP ethnicities are used and must be typed exactly as shown here:
    • African/African American
    • Asian/Asian American
    • Hispanic/Latino
    • White (non-Hispanic)
    • American Indian/Alaskan Native
  • Do not use a single letter to represent an ethnicity [eg, White (non-Hispanic) rather than W to indicate White].
  • If your district needs to track by ethnicity (other than the five listed above), you may do so outside of the AYP data reporting. Please contact your Account Manger for assistance.

School (Column T)

  • School names are an exact match (spelling, abbreviations, punctuation) to school names as they appear in the assessment application (Maintenance tab).

Teacher (Columns V, W, and X)

  • Teacher_id, teacher_last_name, and teacher_first_name is preferred column data.
    • Acceptable: teacher_id and teacher_last_name
    • Acceptable: teacher_last_name and teacher_first_name
  • Teacher ID does not include any abbreviated combination of first and last name (eg, jsmith or johns for John Smith; prefer alpha and/or numeric).
  • When a teacher ID is provided, it must be a permanent (not recycled) and unique ID within the school (unique across district is preferred). If unique teacher IDs are not used, do not provide any information in this column. Please note that when a name change occurs, the teacher is assigned a new account. Contact your Account Manager for further instructions.

Class (Columns Y, Z, AA, and AB)

  • For Column Z (Class Section), Column AA (Class Subject), and Column AB (Course), data is required and present for secondary schools and schools where students are enrolled in more than one class per day.
  • If course is provided (Column AB), class_subject must be present regardless of school type.
  • Class subjects match the five Assessment application subjects:
    • History/Social Science
    • Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science
    • Elective (all class subjects that are not one of the four above are mapped to Elective)
  • Required data is present for class–title (Column Y). For an elementary school the grade level is the class title.
  • Examples:
    • <School> - <Class_Subject> - <Course> - <Class_Name> - <Section Number> - <Teacher Name> Stonewall Jackson High School - Math – Algebra II/Trigonometry – AlgII/Trig 1 - 1st period – Jane Woodall
    • Jackson Elementary – Language Arts – omitted – 3rd grade – omitted - Tim Everly


  • Track(s) (semester, trimester, six weeks, etc) is an exact match to what is set up in the Assessment application.
  • Please note that track should not represent your current track; it should represent the type of track that your district utilizes (eg, Track is Trimester, not Trimester 3).

If you have questions about completing your reroster file,please contact your Account Manager.