Content Solutions for Any Need: Management, Delivery, Licensing, Access to Content and More

Innovative solutions for many types of content management and delivery needs can be achieved quickly through EDmin's unique capabilities.

A sophisticated, patented technology solution manages client and third-party content using any set of standards or concepts.

INFORM Resources also offers excellent opportunities for delivering content and managing user accounts.

EDmin partners can create a competitive advantage using our successfully tested capabilities for content solutions:

Gateway to Content

  • Through INFORM Resources, your clients gain immediate access to:
    • More than 500,000 open education resources (OERs) aligned to standards. Each resource has been vetted by subject matter experts.
    • Open integration for access to paid content. Access to paid content can be arranged via our business relationships with 250 educational publishers of textbooks, films and more.
    • District-created content and textbook alignments for a personalized profile
    • User-generated content, plus the ability to align that content.
  • Federated searches allow educators to easily find content by multiple search criteria.
  • Resource recommendations allow educators to quickly assign aligned resources to address gaps in learning.

Concept Mapping

  • Content can be mapped using our unique Concept Index, a list of core curricular concepts for four core subjects (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies). Concepts provide a way for teachers and students to see the learning standards in plain English.

Content User Account Management

  • Partners can choose from multiple ways to meter and control end-user licensing and user access to content (and applications).
  • EDmin can provide an interface with third-party systems to pull an API for new licenses and create rosters "on the fly" and manage rosters using ETL tools.

Content Import

  • An API retrieves content standards, correlations and metadata. Learn more.

Metadata Management and Development

  • Partners gain access to a rich metadata framework allowing for precise retrieval of resources.
  • Metadata provides a quick snapshot of what the resource contains. Examples of metadata may include grades, subjects, unique id, and more, all which help narrow or filter the results for an end user performing searches on a platform or LMS (Learning Management System).
  • EDmin can create additional metadata for any content need, such as keyword terms, to help you create powerful content searches within your platform, catalogs and other marketing initiatives.
  • Metadata is extensible to include Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) tagging.