Total Reader Makes Reading Fun on Any Device

Total Reader LogoSAN DIEGO, CA --Total Reader, a fun online program that motivates reading growth, is now available for tablets and other devices.

Parents have long needed a more reliable way to provide targeted reading materials in the same way that schools do. Total Reader provides that experience with “reading that fits.” Content is both age appropriate and matched to the student’s ability.

The program combines online reading assessment and practice. Students read short passages and “fill in the blanks.” As soon as they complete a passage, they get their results in the form of a Lexile® measure. The ability to track progress and goals has been proven to be a great motivator.

The research-based Lexile Scale® also provides an objective way for parents to know where a student is on the path to college and career readiness.

“Through Total Reader, parents and students are always aware of students' Lexile measures, so students can be given supplemental reading that is challenging, but not frustrating," explains Peter Sibley, CEO of EDmin. "The program has an onboard book database that can be used to select books that are of interest to the student, at the best level to encourage reading growth."

Total Reader uses computer adaptive Lexile assessment to provide practice reading that is always targeted to an individual student's current reading level. Students who use Total Reader show double the expected reading gains in grades five through seven, and significant gains from grade three through college. Originally available only to schools and districts, it is now available by individual subscription.

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