Total Reader Makes It Easy to Set Up Individual Book Lists

Total Reader LogoTo inspire the lifelong reading habit, students and teachers can now use the Lexile® book database from MetaMetrics® to create custom book lists in Total Reader™.

The book database offers selections within the Lexile range that best supports reading growth for the individual student. The database lists more than 146,000 book selections in many categories.

As students manage their book lists, they can keep track of books read and rate their enjoyment of each one. Teachers can use the book lists to assign books to a class or reading group, start a reading conversation and more.

The customizable book list is the latest enhancement of Total Reader, an online reading assessment program. Total Reader uses the research-based Lexile Scale to measure growth and provide practice at a level that is challenging, but not frustrating.

The strategy for improved reading skills begins with assessment. To measure comprehension, Total Reader gives students a choice of short passages on many topics. They fill in missing words or “cloze” items. Students receive an updated Lexile measure each time they complete a passage. They are motivated by watching their reading levels increase in “real time.”

“Research shows that silent reading motivates students,” explains Peter Sibley, CEO of EDmin, the parent company for Total Reader. “To help instill the reading habit, students are empowered to choose books on topics they like. Teachers also like this tool because it helps students make progress on the Common Core Lexile bands for college and career readiness.”

Total Reader’s online reading assessment program is aligned to U.S. Department of Education intervention recommendations. Through initial screening and ongoing monitoring, Total Reader provides timely feedback to inform reading instruction. Each student receives a Lexile range that goes from easy to targeted to instructional.

Students are automatically placed into reading groups for those that need intervention, are proficient or are advanced, depending on where their current Lexile measure falls on the “stretch” Lexile bands defined by Common Core.

Schools and districts can try the full program at no cost for 45 days. Individual subscriptions are also available for Total Readers’ computer adaptive Lexile assessment. For more information, please visit

The parent company of Total Reader is EDmin. Based in San Diego, EDmin is dedicated to helping educators advance student achievement. The company has provided instructional and data management systems for more than 16 years and now serves nearly 4 million users in all 50 states and the international market. For more information, please visit