EDmin, Inc. and SRG Technology Join Forces to Bring Next Generation Assessment to the K-12 Marketplace

SAN DIEGO, CA, January 30, 2014 – EDmin, Inc., longtime provider of learning and accountability solutions for K-20 education, today announced a partnership with SRG Technology (SRGT) to build and deploy leading-edge applications for the education marketplace. The partnership creates IMPROVE powered by BlenderTM a Next Generation Assessment suite of products and services. IMPROVE launches this month as the first of the joint offerings, targeted at bringing real and effective change to the methodologies and tools currently deployed in the K-12 Assessment arena.

As national, state and district testing and assessment programs have increased, “big data” demands have hit the education community. Teachers and administrators are required to make the collection, analysis and reporting of Data a part of their daily routines.  As in other communities, finding meaningful application for Big Data is the biggest challenge:  Once collected, how will information about students be useful?  Enter IMPROVE powered by BlenderTM – the joining of EDmin’s proven assessment and accountability tools, with Blender’s newest portal-based analytic, reporting and remediation technologies. IMPROVE collects and integrates multiple data sources - student performance data, formative and summative assessments, content, and professional development offerings - into a single point of access.

The IMPROVE powered by Blender solution provides a variety of features to effectively assess, measure and support an individualized approach to instruction, including the ability to:

  • Create and access Common Core-based assessments to effectively measure student achievement.
  • Inform and tailor instruction and remediation with clear data analytics and immediate reporting.
  • Access content aligned to state and Common Core standards to support intervention and enrichment.
  • Support collaborative, data-driven, needs-based Professional Development.
  • Provide differentiated access to data and content using a role-based, integrated, single sign-on platform.


Clayton Hoyle, Co-founder and Vice-President of EDmin, joins in that enthusiasm. “With SRG Technology, we share a vision and a dedication to providing the next generation of assessment products and services that makes us natural partners. EDmin has more than 23 years of success in the K-12 testing, instruction and data arena, and we agree that now is the time to provide smarter solutions at the next level of innovation. EDmin is known for its solutions which address the complete learning lifecycle as well as its mastery of standards implementation. EDmin solutions include Common Core alignments and we have made the new standards manageable in our comprehensive application platform. Combining EDmin and Blender enables us to provide a personalized, easy-to-use and results-oriented solution for school districts across the country.”

For Neil Sterling, Founder and President of SRGT, “Our partnership with EDmin feels very natural for us and enables us to make a significant difference in the education marketplace, now focused intensely on testing, measurement and the collection of test results. IMPROVE powered by BlenderTM provides a new dimension to the collection and examination of data – the focus on improved performance and outcomes for teachers and students. The longtime experience and expertise of EDmin, with their proven assessment system and standards-aligned curated content, combined with SRGT’s experience in providing the latest in portal-based tools for effective analysis, reporting and individualized remediation plans, completes the solution.

About SRG Technology

SRGT’s premier application, BlenderTM, is a suite of cutting-edge software tools in a personalized portal framework. BlenderTM is designed to drive an organization’s performance improvements through enhanced data collection and analysis, personalized recommendations, and the creation of individualized action plans. SRGT serves both the education and health care industries. SRGT has made its mark in the health care industry by providing a leading-edge population health management solution in partnership with health care industry leader Massachusetts General Hospital.

SRG Technology is driven by a mission to improve the effectiveness of every administrator, practitioner, teacher, student and patient through easy access to technology, better use of information and the ability to individualize the approach to treatment, and to teaching and learning. Created by education professionals for education professionals, BlenderTM provides the solutions to suit the mission.  A robust Early Warning System, Individualized Dashboards, Performance Improvement Analytics, and a Content Management System are among the premier applications in Education.

SRG Technology (SRGT) is a software development company founded in 2007 and based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with technology offices in Atlanta, GA and Hyderabad, India.

About EDmin

Based in San Diego, CA, EDmin, Inc. is dedicated to helping educators advance student achievement. Using the company’s flagship product, the INFORM® Learning System, educational leaders can align an entire organization to their unique plan for student success. Because the system is built on an open platform, it links data from any source and provides educators with reports on the progress of every student in a timely manner. Resources aligned to Common Core and state standards are just a click away. The system’s data analytics make it highly effective in developing the organization’s continued plans for student achievement. Students are engaged in learning because educators can target their individual needs.

EDmin has provided instructional and data management systems to the national and international markets for more than 23 years. The company also offers EdGate Correlation Services, plus solutions that analyze costs, manage special education, and track professional development. For more information, please visit www.edmin.com.