EDmin Announces INFORM® Journeys

SAN DIEGO, CA--Today EDmin, Inc. announced INFORM Journeys, a breakthrough approach to motivating and engaging students in learning. As students explore destinations from working on a school project to choosing a career interest, INFORM Journeys will give them a central place to set goals and manage the lifelong journey of learning.

Journeys further expands the powerful capabilities of the INFORM Learning System, an enterprise-level educational management solution with role-based insight into student performance. INFORM Assessment, Reporting and Resources have long helped teachers advance student learning, while giving administrators clear insight into student performance. Journeys will engage students in setting goals and navigating their own path to success.

INFORM Journeys is based on research that tells us goal-setting increases student motivation, which is a central part of a student’s learning experience. With an interface that encourages daily check-in, students can set academic goals, manage milestones and connect with teachers. Students can also manage personal goals and share resources with peers. Check out the video on the benefits of student goal-setting at www.edmin.com/inform-journeys.

“Learning becomes more relevant when students experience the connection between what they are studying today and the mastery of skills they will need for their life and career journey,” said EDmin CEO Peter Sibley. “Students can take responsibility for setting goals and tracking their progress, yet they can access support from teachers, peers and family. Their motivation is greater when they have a 360-degree view of their progress and can see the value of reaching a goal.”

Because the product release can be integrated with the INFORM Learning System, administrators and teachers will be able to truly personalize each student’s learning experience, while meeting a district’s learning targets and objectives. Gaps in learning can be assessed with an online test builder and student data can be analyzed to inform instruction.

Recommendations are available for standards-aligned resources and assignment directly to a class, a group or an individual student.

INFORM Journeys connects concepts students are learning with the skills needed in school or in a career journey, using a patented process for alignment of concepts to standards. The concept mapping, developed by EdGate Correlation Services, a division of EDmin, also makes it easy for educators and students to access digital content that is meaningful to a student’s journey.

See the series of research papers on innovations that inspire motivation reposted from the Center for Educational Policy and sign up for more information about the Winter 2014 INFORM Learning System release at www.edmin.com/inform-journeys.

As part of the INFORM Learning System, Journeys is built on an open platform so it can easily integrate with partner solutions. Sharing the solution through partnerships supports EDmin’s mission of advancing student motivation and achievement for all students.

About EDmin
EDmin, Inc. is dedicated to helping educators and working with our partners to advance student achievement. EDmin’s flagship product, the INFORM Learning System, is an enterprise-level educational management solution. INFORM provides transparency for student outcomes and tools and resources to support student learning, so educational leaders can align an entire organization to their unique plan for student success. EDmin also offers state-specific solutions, such as LCAP for clients in California.

EDmin has provided instructional and data management systems to the national and international markets for more than 23 years. EdGate Correlation Services, a division of EDmin, delivers service and data products to more than 200 educational publishers.