Easily access student-centered data and more

If you are looking for game-changing ease of use in managing student data, you will love the Academic Data Warehouse. Instead of spending a year defining how data is processed before you get your first report, you can immediately use multiple pre-written data models designed around common academic objects, such as rosters, assessment results and curriculum. The Academic Data Warehouse provides millions of points of data in an easy-to-read format, so all stakeholders can stay informed about student progress.

The INFORM® Learning System Academic Data Warehouse provides four core capabilities to support the alignment of teaching strategies to the educational needs of individual students:

  • Actionable reports from any source and from any point in time, compared over time
  • Role-based access to educators, students and parents
  • The ability to combine vendor data
  • A single sign-on

Be future ready with Student Success Indicators

The INFORM® Learning System’s Student Success Indicators dashboard provides dynamic, interactive, data-driven views of student progress aligned to the mission and strategy of a state or district.  At a glance, all stakeholders from the Board to the classroom teachers, parents, and students are able to see how the district is performing. Strengths and weaknesses are visually highlighted to support informed decision making.